Jeffrey James is an award-winning American singer-songwriter known for his original sound and uplifting performances. James launched The Jeffrey James Show in 2013 and has since released five albums, cultivated from fifteen tours in eight years on the road. The Jeffrey James Show’s Everywhere album debuted at #2 worldwide on Bandcamp’s best-selling singer-songwriter/folk chart.

James spent 2015-2019 touring and recording in Colorado, Europe, Hawaii, the Midwest, and the West Coast. James typically tours solo and plays with a band during larger events and festivals.

The Jeffrey James Show received global recognition with their fan favorite music video, ‘Home Again’. The Show is also known for their Telluride Gondola Sessions, and most recent music video for ‘Two Bucks’ filmed in Bali, Indonesia by Mike Eng Naftali. James & Naftali won ‘Video of the Year’ at the 2020 Madison Area Music Awards.

The Jeffrey James Show has recorded with: Tim Snider, Russick Smith, and Max Ribner. The Show has opened for Joe Hertler, Natty Nation, & Spare Change Trio.

Notable festival performances include: Between The Waves (2017, ’18, ’19), California WorldFest (2017), Flow Festival Hawaii (2016, ’17), Kohala ‘Aina Festival (’16), Project Earth (2015, ’16, ‘18, ’19), Shangri~La (2015, ’16), Sommer Gönnung Austria (2017, ’18).