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“My consultation with Jeffrey left me feeling inspired, empowered, and ready for my next steps as a musician. He truly understands what it takes to put your professional music business out there, and gave amazing tips and advice on creating the foundation for your own success. Overall, I found speaking with Jeffrey to be extremely informative and helpful!  – Leah Conover

“Jeffrey is amazing. I had a chat with him about the direction of my music and he was both relatable and expansive. It helped me see more clearly not only where I was at but where I could go. It gave a spark to the knowing that with planning and persistence, I could achieve it.” – Adam Elfers

“Jeffrey James is a talented, thoughtful, and compassionate man. I had the privilege of consulting with him on my personal goals and path as a musician. He was incredibly thorough and it was clear he has the intellect needed not only for the music but for the business and logistical aspects of being an artist. I received a lot of insightful information and cannot wait to begin applying what I learned. I hope I can work with him again in the future!” – Evan L.

“Jeffrey James is a wonderfully talented musician and entrepreneur. I had a consultation with him a few weeks before releasing my first single. He helped me find direction, clarity, and realistic expectations in my marketing goals. Jeffrey also helped me at the very beginning of my artist journey with his music business and touring experience. He gave me courage and knowledge on how to value myself with charging for live shows, playing with bandmates, Etc. I’m very grateful to have a friend and mentor like Jeffrey!”
– Amber Westerman

“Talking with Jeffrey was helpful and productive. In a short time he was able to give me practical advice that will help me advance my music career. For example, how to approach getting press coverage, tips for contacting venues and booking gigs, what I need to have on my website as a professional musician, and how to interface with PROs. Jeffrey is knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend consulting with him to any independent artist who is looking for ways to hone their craft and reach more ears!” – Seth R.