Jeffrey James, in my professional opinion, is one of our industry’s future music giants and he will have a long, successful career composing, recording, and performing his musical creations.” – Jaime Dow, CEO – Sunny-One Entertainment Consultants, Hollywood, California

Hauntingly Beautiful” – Rev. Sue Crane – Honolulu One Spirit Center

“James, who spent some time in Hawaii, is an unofficial ambassador for Madison: He wrote an anthem titled “Home Again,” and the song’s video (shot downtown) is as perfect as a summer night on the Union Terrace.” – Isthmus

“Midnight Train” will trigger long-buried primal homesickness with James’ mournful vocals over Snider’s wild fiddle phrases of longing; while the guitars and rhythm section thankfully prop you back up with the expectation that you’ll get there. James’ vocals have that wide open welcoming quality that sound like home, and the rhythm arrangement evokes the train that’s carrying you there. We guarantee this is just what you need to shake you out of the late season doldrums.” – Americana Highways – Exclusive Premiere of “Midnight Train”

“Ocean Breeze” is a tripped-out island version of James’ recognizable Jack Johnson vibe. This album helps to morph from that style into one that is more worldly musical, because James has been nothing but worldly, exemplifying the planetary citizen through his lyrics and vibe.” – Rick Tvedt – Local Sounds Magazine on Everywhere

“James is known on the singer-songwriter circuit for his ambitious and adventurous world tours. With just a 20-pound backpack and a hard-case guitar, James has performed at special events such as the 21st Annual California WorldFest, house concerts in Reykjavik, Iceland, and Madison’s own Between The Waves Festival.” – Northside News

“James has been traveling and performing for the past seven years, singing vocals and playing acoustic electric guitar. You can hear the influence of Michael Franti and Jack Johnson in his music and his personal ethos.” – Laurel Sampson – Northside News